Friday, April 6, 2012

Boston - Thursday (Day 6)

Thursday after much discussion and nashing of teeth, we decided to take a day off. We found a movie theater close to the hotel, hopped on to the subway and went to see The Hunger Games. It was kind of chilly, so not a super pleasant day to walk, anyway. After that, we came back to the room, ordered pizza for the kids and Kevin and I went out to dinner at Mossimino's. The waiter was quite dramatic. Wish we could have videoed him! Then we walked aroun Little Italy and passed Mike's Pastrys. So, we had to go in, of course!

I informed the kiddos to get ready, beause Friday is our last day and we are NOT sitting in the hotel room. I think they are done! It's been great, but there is so much to see here and they are just worn out.

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